Rambo Bikes Electric Power Bike Home Tool Kit Repair Kit, Black, One Size

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  • Contains the tools needed to fix any bike from home
  • Tools are held within a durable storage bag
  • Tools included: Handpump, three-way hex wrench, full hex wrench set, motor wrench, pedal wrench, pedal crank arm removal tool, spoke wrench, freewheel removal tool, chain brake, valve stem remover, zip ties, tire level set
  • For use with all bicycles

Everything you need to tune up your bike at home. The Rambo Home Repair Kit includes: Hand pump, Three way hex wrench, Full hex wrench set, Motor wrench, Pedal wrench, Pedal crank arm removal tool, Spoke wrench, Freewheel removal tool, Chain brake, Valve stem remover, Zip ties and Tire lever set.